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Meet Mariah Walker (AKA- Riah)

Mariah would be voted Most Fashionable for sure!  She always came to school in super stylish outfits, complete with matching shoes and jewelry. Mariah also gets the School Spirit Award!  During our Spirit Week, she went all out, whether it be in her finest evening gown or coziest pajamas!

Mariah’s favorite school activities included anything LOUD and that involve movement!  She loved working with Nancy, her occupational therapist, doing activities that included music, dancing and yoga!  Mariah always had a big smile on her face during these activities and would often reach out toward the person working with her to give them a big hug! She was an active participant during our trips to the bowling alley, where she reached out and pushed the ball down the ramp! She also enjoyed getting up in her stander and moving down the hall in a tram with her physical therapists. 

Mariah enjoyed participating in our SPOT groups where she used her switch to spin a spinner, pour ingredients in a recipe or to add sound effects to the lesson. Our social butterfly definitely seemed like she embraced the notion of “the more, the merrier!” 

Mariah has a fantastic sense of humor! During lessons, she often purposely held her hand over her switch, refusing to press it down all the way to activate it! She thought this was very funny!  She did like to use her switch to play music on our classroom computer, though. Need a DJ? Mariah is your girl! 

Of course all fashionistas enjoy shopping, and Mariah is no exception to this rule.  She has enjoyed visiting the mall, the outlets, the bookstore and Walmart this year.  

Currently, Mariah is planning to stay at home with her family following graduation. We’ll miss her sweet personality and her sense of style! 


Meet Darnell Hargrove 

It is tough to say what awards Darnell wins because there are so many! He would certainly receive a lot of votes for Nicest Smile. Darnell is always smiling, particularly when he is playing a prank on someone! That is another award he should earn: Biggest Prankster! Darnell loves playing pranks on his classmates, but particularly on his teachers and therapists. He once assisted in a prank where he used his switch to shred up a LOT of paper that somehow ended up all over the OT room! He thought that was very funny!  

Darnell isn’t all play though … he knows how to work hard as well! Whenever the class was asked to volunteer to help during activities, such as pouring ingredients in a recipe or combining liquids during a science experiment, Darnell was the first one to put his hand up.  Of course that may have been due to the fact that he loves to make a mess! That is almost as much fun to him as watching his teacher or therapists make a mess, which he finds hysterical!  

Darnell’s favorite classroom activities (besides the messy ones) include listening to stories, playing music on the computer and anything that is active. He enjoys playing basketball with help from his teachers during our math lessons. He is a hard worker even during fun activities and will smile or look at pictures or objects to answer questions. He has recently started to use an iPad to participate as well, and enjoys using it to communicate with the staff and his peers. 

Darnell enjoys going out in the community to see a movie, go to the bowling alley, or go shopping.  He is always excited when Miss Patty and Miss Kate tell him we are going out. Darnell enjoys seeing all of the people and new environments that these trips provide. 

Darnell is considering volunteer opportunities in the future. We will greatly miss his smile, his positive attitude and his fabulous sense of humor!


Meet Michelle Wang 

Michelle gets the award for Kindest Student. She is a very compassionate and sensitive young lady. Even a sad song will bring tears to her eyes! Michelle is not all serious though, she has a fun side too. She enjoys when people joke with her and will even get in on it. Michelle will get a big smile when she is joking with her teachers and therapists. 

In the classroom, Michelle seems to prefer activities that are engaging, but a little more calm and peaceful. She enjoys listening to stories read to her in class, participating in current event lessons, and playing musical instruments during music class. In OT, Michelle is a whiz at using the eye gaze computer system to play games.  She also does a great job making crafts using adaptive art materials.

There are times when Michelle really enjoys letting loose.  One of her favorite activities is playing music on the computer. Michelle will start smiling and kicking her feet to the tunes!  She also enjoys watching her teacher make a mess during science experiments and cooking lessons! 

When given the opportunity, Michelle loves getting out of the classroom and into the community! One of her favorite destinations has been walking around the outlets. She enjoys the scenery, including the water fountains—especially when they have pink water!  Joining reading time at Barnes and Noble or taking a stroll through the mall are other favorites. 

When school ends, Michelle plans to take it easy for a while and will hopefully join a post-secondary program. We have enjoyed working with Michelle and will miss her kind spirit and beautiful smile!


Meet Robert Florek! 

Robert would get our vote for Most Musical!  He loves all different types of music and can recognize a song after hearing only a few notes! Robert likes to hear many artists, including Jojo Siwa, Michael Jackson and Ariana Grande, just to name a few. His daily school routine includes coming in and immediately asking to hear some tunes! Robert even picks the style music and artist that we should play!  

Robert also would receive an award for Best Halloween Costumes! Whether dressed as a casino dealer, a DJ or a chef, he always gave us an outstanding performance. Halloween won’t be the same without Robert’s creative costumes.

Robert is a hard worker in all areas. In PT, he loves to stand and walk (especially if this involves impressing our PT staff). One of his favorite classroom activities is writing Mad Libs. He navigates his device with ease and enjoys making strange and funny stories. Robert also likes listening to books being read to him. He has been particularly fond of books that have a lot of action and adventure! Harry Potter was one of his favorites!

Robert enjoys being social, both in class and in the community. In the classroom, he often talks to his teachers and friends with his device, giving them a cheery “good morning” or telling them a joke! He has put those skills to good use in the community where he earned a lot of tips as an expert pretzel salesman!  

Robert likes being out in the community and going to new places. He enjoyed trips to the mall, the outlets, Barnes and Noble and the planetarium this year. Robert’s excellent driving skills were apparent as he navigated in even the tightest spaces. 

Currently, Robert will be at home at the end of the school year, but has been researching post-secondary programs to see what looks interesting. We are so proud of all that he has achieved at HollyDELL and hope that he keeps in touch!  


Meet Guy Cella- AKA “Cella Man” or “Guy Smiley” 

Guy would certainly be voted Best Smile! His smile is contagious!  No one can be around Guy for long without reciprocating with a big smile of their own! 

Guy would also receive our vote for Best Halloween Costumes! He and his family have never disappointed us! Whether it be a mad scientist or a creepy spider, he always goes all out! We are going to miss these spectacular displays! 

Guy’s favorite school activities include listening to stories and working on the computer.  His favorite special subject is music!  Guy loves to play the guitar and violin during music class and is an enthusiastic dancer as well!  A close second would be any kind of physical fitness activity.  Guy likes to play basketball, go bowling and go swimming. He also enjoys using his switch to participate in cooking and science lessons- anything messy is a fun time!  

While Guy seems to really enjoy school, his ultimate favorite activities happen in the community. Guy goes to two different preschools to share books with the children.  He sells pretzels every Friday to the workers at social services. Guy enjoys meeting new people and exploring new environments.  He also loves going to the mall, the outlets and the planetarium. If there is an opportunity to join a trip, you can bet Guy will volunteer!  

Currently, Guy is planning to stay at home with his family following graduation.  We will miss him greatly and hope he comes to visit HollyDELL! 


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