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Meet Guy Cella- AKA “Cella Man” or “Guy Smiley” 

Guy would certainly be voted Best Smile! His smile is contagious!  No one can be around Guy for long without reciprocating with a big smile of their own! 

Guy would also receive our vote for Best Halloween Costumes! He and his family have never disappointed us! Whether it be a mad scientist or a creepy spider, he always goes all out! We are going to miss these spectacular displays! 

Guy’s favorite school activities include listening to stories and working on the computer.  His favorite special subject is music!  Guy loves to play the guitar and violin during music class and is an enthusiastic dancer as well!  A close second would be any kind of physical fitness activity.  Guy likes to play basketball, go bowling and go swimming. He also enjoys using his switch to participate in cooking and science lessons- anything messy is a fun time!  

While Guy seems to really enjoy school, his ultimate favorite activities happen in the community. Guy goes to two different preschools to share books with the children.  He sells pretzels every Friday to the workers at social services. Guy enjoys meeting new people and exploring new environments.  He also loves going to the mall, the outlets and the planetarium. If there is an opportunity to join a trip, you can bet Guy will volunteer!  

Currently, Guy is planning to stay at home with his family following graduation.  We will miss him greatly and hope he comes to visit HollyDELL! 


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