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Our New Jersey Department of Education certified special education teachers, licensed therapists
and counselors provide expert, advanced instruction and support.

Name Position Department

Dawn Gardner

Program Director (Glassboro & Vineland)

Dawn Durkee

Program Planner (Vineland)

Donna Dzinski

Program Manager (Glassboro)

Marcie Jenkinson

Receptionist (Glassboro)

Lauren Hodges

Program Planner (Glassboro)

Theresa Parkhill

Billing Specialist (Glassboro & Vineland)

Brian Schultz

Transportation Coordinator (Glassboro)

Holly Walker

Program Manager (Vineland)

Kathleen Tingle

Program Director

Fran Bruno

TOP Receptionist

Jenna Hogate

Pennsville Program Supervisor

Raymond Merckx

Transportation Supervisor

TOP Nurses

TOP Nurses

Occupational Therapy Department

Physical Therapy Department

School Nurses

Speech Therapy Department