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Our son, “Joey D.” as he is affectionately known at HollyDELL, has loved school from the very beginning. Even now, the staff tells us that he smiles and laughs from the beginning of every day to the end. Joey has made great progress at HollyDELL. Over the years, his vocabulary has increased with more understandable words. He doesn’t talk, but he does say words appropriate to the situation. One of Joey’s teachers in particular loves to chat with him all the time, and he just loves her. We think he is trying to keep up with her, sometimes even trying to out-do her! The staff at HollyDELL is amazing, to say the least. We know that the care and compassion they have for Joey extends far beyond the school day. They know our son very well and any time they feel he is not acting himself, they call without hesitation. The lines of communication have always been open and we know we can contact them at any time. We absolutely love the staff and are very happy with the program at HollyDELL.


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