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When Christopher first began attending Hollydell School, he was very fearful. He did not want to participate in any of the activities that were done in the classroom. Often, he would cry and pull away when asked to do any classroom activities. Christopher is now entering his second year at Hollydell School, and it is easy to see how much he has changed. Where there were once tears, now he arrives with a big smile on his face. Christopher has found activities that he enjoys doing and some of them, he can even do all by himself! He loves working with switches during lessons to count, play on the computer, and play with toys in the classroom. Christopher enjoys playing games in Adapted Physical Education, where he gets the chance to play just like any other child. The time spent playing on the drums, a banjo, or a tambourine in music class is equally special. Also, the daily themes are always a surprising mix of games, songs, art projects and even costumes! Perhaps what is the most noticeable are the social strides that Christopher has made since arriving to school. His face clearly shows his pleasure when he is greeted by the staff. He smiles and laughs when his friends do funny things. Christopher has truly become a part of the school community. I believe that the attention, warmth, and support provided at Hollydell are largely responsible for his success and his increased confidence.


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